International Men’s Day – Helpers Wanted


Our International Women’s Day planning committee is pleased to support a new group of volunteers planning an event to mark International Men’s Day in Derby.

International Men’s Day is an annual global event in November.
This is an opportunity to highlight positive male role models and to tackle some of the issues affecting boys and men. For example –
 Boys make up 80% of pupils permanently excluded from school
 Less than 50% of boys achieve five A*-C grades at GCSE
 By age 15 only 50% of boys are getting enough exercise
 Boys have very little access to male school nurses, 99% are female
 50% of sufferers of anorexia nervosa are boys, but eating disorder publicity is more geared towards girls
 Sexual health: Over the last 10 years levels of genital Chlamydia have risen by 508% and genital herpes by 52% in teenage boys; nearly one in three sexually-active 15-year-olds do not use condoms
 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime
 Men still have a lower life expectancy than women (77, compared with 81)
 Under the age of 50 men use GP services half as much as women, often leading to late diagnosis; over 50 there are twice as many hospital admissions among men
 Men are less likely to seek help with depression, more men become missing persons and men have a higher rate of suicide
 Men take risks with their health: Two in five (39%) drink too much. More than one in four (28%) smoke, one in three younger men (35%) use illegal drugs and men are less likely to protect their skin by wearing sun cream and less likely to wear car seat belts
 40% of fathers say they don’t spend enough time with their children
 2 in 5 men fear that asking for flexible working arrangements would damage their reputation and promotion chances at work
(Sources: Ofsted, Men’s Health Forum & Fatherhood Institute)

To get involved in planning International Men’s Day in Derby or for more info please contact Steve by e-mail:

or Pam at Derby City Council:

More info on the global celebration of Int Men’s Day can be found on this website:


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