Help make a women’s mag with a difference


Help us create content for the International Women’s Day (IWD) Festival Derby magazine. Unlike most women’s glossies this mag will be about inspiring women and girls, activism, issues and campaigns.

Join our discussion groups on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 to shape the magazine content and film clips. Come along to any sessions that interest you –

Wednesday 22nd January 2014:
11.00am: International Flavour Discussing global gender campaigns, how IWD is marked around the world and the global issues it can highlight.

12.00pm: Across the ages – letters to your younger & older self Discussing different stages of women’s lives and what you would write in a letter to your younger self and your older self.

2.00pm: Men Supporting IWD Discussing why IWD is important for everyone, every gender. We are keen to hear from male supporters.

3.00pm: How can we make a difference? Discussing ideas and experiences on what we can do to make progress on gender issues such as examples of campaigns to support, ways to challenge the status quo and activism for women’s rights.

4.30pm: Generations of women Discussing how women’s lives, issues and the feminist movement have all changed over time, and appreciating the contribution of different generations and age groups. We would like to attract a wide age range for this intergenerational discussion.

These sessions will take place at Vox Feminarum in the Mandela Centre, Pear Tree Road, Derby. Please e-mail or call Vanessa on 0791 368 0088 for info – if you can let us know you are coming that’s helpful, if not just pop in anyway!


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