Sisterhood Party Appeal


Throw a sisterhood party and help us raise funds for an inspiring International Women’s Day Festival in Derby!




Invite your sisters to enjoy a women-only (self-defined)    get together at your place, and ask everyone to donate what they would usually spend on a party or night out. You could make it a themed evening or a coffee and cake morning. A few ideas for your sisterhood party:

* Invite each guest to share their thoughts on “Sisterhood is…”
* Ask each guest to write an example of a kind act of sisterhood to pop in a box, then ask everyone to draw one to read aloud
* Get your friends together to make some food – recipes that remind you of an inspiring woman?
* Invite each sister to choose sisterhood-themed songs for the playlist
* Ask any creative sisters to sing, share a talent, teach a craft, do henna art
* Have fun making empowerment badges, jewellery or bunting
* Invite everyone to light a candle for a special woman or girl
* Have a sing-along of women’s empowerment or protest songs
* How about feminist party games? Smash the patriarchy piñata, anyone?!
* Offer stereotype-busting games and toys for children if they are coming along
* Ask each sister to recommend inspiring women’s books, films and stories
* Enjoy music and dancing together
* Consider an act of sisterhood such as inviting guests to bring pre-loved clothes to donate to a women’s charity, or items for a women’s centre food bank or to sign a petition such as Bring Back Our GirlsNo More Page 3, Mothers on Marriage Certificates

Help us fund Derby’s community-organised festival of women’s rights, HERoes, HERstory, campaigns, arts, crafts, sports, workshops, speakers, wellbeing and more to inspire local women and girls and to highlight campaigns for women and girls worldwide on Saturday 7th March 2015 in the Market Place. Ran entirely by volunteers, we need your help to make it possible. Enjoy your Sisterhood Party! Please contact us to arrange to send in the funds raised, thank you!Maya quote