Our AGM 8th May 2018 – join us!

Our Annual General Meeting takes place at 6.30pm-8.30pm Tuesday 8th May at Mandela Community Centre, 181 Peartree Road, Derby. Please confirm if you would like to attend and if you have any access needs to be met.
It’s a time to reflect on and celebrate our achievements this year. Our volunteers will share their experience, what new challenges they took on this year and what impact it’s had. We will look at our IWD 2018 Survey results and discuss our strengths and areas to develop as well as our future plans to become a registered charity – come along and add your ideas.
The first part is open to all genders.
The second part – elections is members-only – you can join us if you live/work/study in Derby/shire this part is women-only, trans inclusive, and children welcome. All genders can volunteer to support us but elected roles are women-only; we are women-led creating leadership opportunities for women and girls as youth trustees.

Join our friendly, supportive, nurturing team! A great place to grow your confidence, learn new skills and make a difference for your community.
Our elections – all committee roles up for election including Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Trustees. All roles can be job-shared. If you would like a role be ready to tell everyone about your commitment to the role for the whole year ahead, your skills and why you should be elected – if you need support with this just ask – we can help you. You can also nominate someone else you think would be great in a role. Read up on our constitution which covers our various roles and responsibilities and the kind of team spirit we embrace – positive, encouraging each other, stretching ourselves, respectful, diversity-positive and inclusive. Read more at: https://womensdayderby.wordpress.com/get-involved/
We welcome new volunteers who share our positive ethos – we encourage people who are shy and new to committee life so even if you have not done a role like this before we can offer training, mentoring and support – so come forward and join us! Questions? Feel free to contact us on 0791 368 0088 or talk to any member of our award-winning team.